Did you know, that the ability to tell your story is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your entrepreneurial or leadership kit-bag?

That knowing your story and being able to answer the question ‘Who Am I’ is the most powerful insight you can have.

Did you also know, that it’s perfectly normal to struggle with getting your story out, with being able to tell your story to those you want to engage with?

So they actually get you and care about what you have to say?

It’s a fact that psychologically we have a blind spot when it comes to our own story, and when we do go looking for it, we procrastinate and prevaricate.

We over think it…

Am I bragging too much? Am I showing my best attributes? Is my message clear? What will others think; do I even know what they expect?

Which bits should I leave out; how much sharing is too much? What if I tell the truth and nobody likes it; what if I exaggerate and nobody likes it and on and on it goes until there you are still staring into the abyss.


And the truth is, women in business, female entrepreneurs and leaders have a lot at stake!

Maybe you’ve taken a huge risk or a leap of faith to start your business, or taken on a new role, and you NEED to get your story right.

Or maybe you’re trying to change the world or lead a movement or a revolution, and it feels like a life or death moment to get the story right.

Well here’s the good news!

There is a way to lay out your stall, in an authentic and resonant way that feels right for you; a way to capture your essence!

It all comes down to the stories you tell; the stories you tell yourself, your family, your co-workers, your clients and seeing how those stories align with your business or enterprise and your life. Seeing the results those stories are bringing you…

And somewhere in telling those stories, we’re bound to find a blind spot… we all have one. We all need a mirror to show us the themes and patterns, the attributes and weaknesses we can’t see ourselves. We’re too deep in the story to see ourselves or make sense of how to tell our story.

And that’s where we come in – at The New Heroines we work with women who are willing to examine those stories. We create a safe space where they can align their stories for success, in their business and their personal lives.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your story straight and make it all ‘About You’

This is how we roll

We have a pre-session questionnaire that you fill in before our first Skype call.

Skype Call 1   ‘SEE YOUR STORY’

In this call we hold a mirror up to your current story, the stories your clients tell about you, and the story you are trying to get out into the world. This is the first step to seeing and knowing your own story power.

Remember, your own story and the story of ‘your work in the world’ is the hardest story for you to see and tell – We all have that blind spot!

We get the microscope out and examine the stories that have also emerged from your questionnaire; and ask if you can see yourself, your business or your offering clearly enough to craft your best story?


Skype Call 2  ‘CRAFT YOUR STORY’

Once you know how your story is unfolding in your life and your business, it’s time to start crafting your story for success; the story that will lead you to realising your highest potential.

This is the story that lifts you up and serves your clients and audience in the deepest way possible.

This is a co-creation between you and I; to birth your power story into the world.

We draft your ‘About’ page and a summary of the story points you can embed in your business, your conversations, your marketing activities, your messaging and your profiles.

I will then edit and create the final page which is delivered to your inbox prior to call 3.


Skype Call 3  ‘SHARE YOUR STORY’

This call is to make sure you truly own your story and we make any amends or edits to your page. This will feel effortless, as though you had known all along what you wanted to say and now you have an authentic and powerful way of saying it.

Now you have your story, we discuss how you want to share it and prepare a simple plan for taking it into the world. We ask where will it make the most impact and invite the right people into your story for maximum connection.

From working with numerous women we know that sharing your power story will:-

  • Increase engagement
  • Increase interest and curiosity in your message
  • Increase your revenues and connection to your clients or audience organically, as a by-product of sharing your power story


Skype Call 4  ‘STORY ROUND UP’

We take a final dive into your personal storytelling psychology and what you can do to align it with all aspects of your life. This is a ‘what to look out for and course correct’ for your story success in the future.

I’ve story coached hundreds of women, and it’s been my absolute pleasure to see so many female entrepreneurs and leaders blossom when they feel comfortable with their story, and their story connects with their audience – I’d love to help you too!

Email Jayne@jayneryder.com to register your interest.