The call to women all over the world, to return to the GREAT WISDOM – in their work and their lives…

This is not new – we have been here before.

Are you a woman who is called to serve and share your truth – share YOUR story?

Whether it’s through building a business, being a leader or visionary, a change maker or creative. If it is, then Welcome Home!  You’ve found your tribe.

So WHY are we The New Heroines?

Because we are on a very different journey to our sisters of the past. Our journey is being born in the cracks of society’s tectonic plates, shifting under our feet as old systems and ways of being break apart.

As we connect our inner and outer worlds, we have a deep desire to build something that serves our clients, ourselves, our community, and the next level ‘awake-state’ that many women intuitively know is emerging.

The New Heroines are women who have heard the call, they’ve recognised the stories and the wisdom they bring, and are using that wisdom to connect deeply with the people who matter in their world.

We would be honoured to have you join us – there is much work to do, and together as The New Heroines we can change the world by helping you share YOUR story.


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